DIY U-Brew Wine label


“One More Sip – The night is young”

I designed some wine labels for a client recently for her U-Brew wine bottles and thought, “Hey! I should do a batch for myself too”.  So I did.  And here they are, my first batch of U-Brew wine.  I used an instagram photo I took as my main image and came up with the title from the memories of good nights with friends: the title speaks for itself.

The whole process was fun and easy. The hardest part was waiting a month for the wine to be made.

wine label, DIY

The final results: Delicious Merlot to enjoy with my friends and family. What a great feeling seeing these beauties on my shelf.

wine label

Process work: Fresh from the printers. Why pay someone else to cut the labels when I can do it myself.

West Coast U-Brew, DIY

Instead of buying new bottles I recycled bottles that I had been saving for months.

West Coast U-Brew, DIY  

All shiny and new.

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