Las Brisas, Huatulco, Mexico | Days of Leisure

Flying over Huatulco, we could see the cute, little cove in which it was nestled. The water was so blue in contrast to the dry, brown shore.

We were on our way to Las Brisas, “The Breezes”, for a few days of leisure from the grind after a big project.

Cocktails and palm trees at the beach to celebrate the start of a vacation

The staff were friendly and the grounds were beautifully curated.

We were just excited to get down to the beach and sip on some fresh coconut water, right from the coconut. Our first day was for unwinding, even though we wanted to explore.

View of the shore from Las Brisas Resort, Huatulco, Mexico

The room was a simple affair – two double beds, two chairs and a small table. The selling point was the view of the ocean from our windows. It was magnificent to wake up to this each morning.

A simple, spacious room looking  out over the ocean.

One interesting fact about Huatulco – it is a favourite vacation spot for Mexicans. That’s why the hotel buffet was an amazing assortment of authentic Mexican cuisine, not a bland menu catering to gringos.

The family-friendly environment makes this place ideal for young families and groups of family friends.

They are set up for kids to play on the beach while the adults relax under a beach umbrella.

Shade under a beach umbrella with a view of the ocean in Huatulco, Mexico.