Video Marketing and Event Summary | Modo The Car Co-op

Event Summary Video

We were brought on by Modo The Car Coop to set up a photo booth at the Modo 8k Run Off, a charity fundraiser for the Take A Hike Foundation. As a side project, I produced the following, short event summary video.

The production value of this video is a mix of grab shots on a simple camera and snappy editing in post production. There was no script or storyboarding, no motion graphics, no lighting, no colour adjustments, minimal audio adjustments & minimal gear. So the considerations for cost are: a junior camera operator at the event, some hours with a junior editor for post production and a quick turn-around time so the content does not become stale.

Multi-channel strategy

I edited down the summary video into a 15 second Instagram video to engage audiences on another channel, giving Modo greater reach with the same material.

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