Nature + Food in Huatulco, Mexico

Good food and the beauty of nature are just a couple of the afternoon delights in Huatulco, Mexico.

After decompressing at the beach near our hotel, we found ourselves getting energized to explore the surrounding areas. Getting away from the Las Brisas hotel and experiencing the local food and culture is always a priority soon after we land anywhere. Mexico is so much more than beaches and resorts!

Appreciating nature with stacked, empty cocktail glasses on the beach.

Nearby was a beautiful path along the shore that presented us with stunning views over the beach and water.

The natural beauty of a cactus at the beaches of Huatulco, Mexico.
Looking at the ocean from a shoreline pathway.
Enjoying a coffee at Las Brisas Resort

Booking a local tour was easy and inexpensive! It included transportation and lunch.

The first stop was an unassuming collection of tables, tarps and an outdoor kitchen, where we watched the food preparation with bug, hungry eyes. All the ingredients looked so fresh and delicious!

The buffet they laid out for us was an amazing taste sensation – all cooked on site, over a fire pit, in bubbling cauldrons. Eating outside was the perfect way to appreciate food and nature at once!

An outdoor buffet of authentic Mexican food during a day trip.
The washing station for cleaning up after our delicious lunch.
Even the change rooms looked cute

After lunch we made a short hike to this amazing waterfall! At the base was a swimming hole with a rope swing that was a ton of fun.

The natural beauty of Huatulco, Mexico, from waterfalls to beaches, parakeets to lizards, always amazes us.